Is it more fun to play live ?

dum ez

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Aug 2, 2012
I went live once or twice, and that was a while ago and didn't like it that much. I prefer to play on my own or with people I actually know. What is fun about going live ?
Yeah, some games are way more fun played on live than offline, but I have some games which I prefer to play only by myself. It's a matter of taste in the end, I think.
I don't like to play live with people I don't know, but I still like the online gaming feature. I just prefer to play with friends and family that I actually know in "real life"! Like the post above says, though, it's really just a matter of taste.
So, it depends on the game or on one's taste. Hm, I might try it out in the near future just to be sure I'm not missing out on a lot of fun, in the end I got my Xbox to entertain myself.
I like to play online, personally. While it's fun to play a video game alone, it's more fun to play that game with others. Not only is it a fun game, it's a way to socialize, too.
There are some games that I really enjoy playing on Live, but some I prefer to work through on my own. I always play through a game before i ever try and play it on Xbox live though.
I like playing Live, but I usually like to beat the game as a single player and really learn everything before I move on to playing Live.
The challenge is much harder when playing against humans. As opposed to the computer, humans are unpredictable in some cases. It's always fun to play with others, especially when you have a group of friends to play with.
I think it depends on the game and if you get to play with friends. I like online gaming, but not so much for the Xbox.
My favorite game to play on live is Left4Dead because of the infected mode. It adds a nice twist to the game. :)
Why don't you like playing online on the Xbox? I personally love it. I played over five hours last night in Battlefield 3 with two other friends. We started a tank convoy in Conquest mode in the Operation Firestorm map. From there, we took all the objectives. If we lost them, we'd go back and kill the other team and retake them. I quickly found that this is a great way to gain points and level up.
It all depends on what kind of games you play and if you enjoy the campaigns etc. If you have a lot of friends to talk to, or just want a more social and fun time I suggest live. It's a bit overpriced imo though.
I used to always think that live was the best but lately I have been playing Halo reach campaign Lol and having way more fun. Only getting frustrated because Legendary is pretty hard :p
Online gameplay enjoyment is always about what games you play and what company you keep. Some games are better off not being played on line. And then there are those games you probably wouldn't always play with friends or family.

This is one of those opinion based questions.
I think that Live makes playing some games, like COD:MW and similar games more fun to play in campaign because it's more than just you and a couple of computer players. You can strategize and help each other out. I guess it really just depends on the game though.
Depending on the games you play, Live can either be your best friends or your most annoying friend you ever had :D Still, I recommend you try things for yourself, we each have different preferences when it comes to games.