Xbox 360 Is the 360 your fave?


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Jan 20, 2012
For those gamers who boast multiple console varieties, is the Xbox 360 your favorite? It sure is for me.

Even though I started my modern video game voyage playing on the Wii, I quickly found that the titles, graphics, and all-around experience simply can't compare to an Xbox.
Ya, I do prefer the 360 over any other console. I own all three, but there are a few things that I wish the 360 has, that the PS3 has, such as Blue-ray. The graphics are about the same from PS3 and 360. But I really like the 360 controller.
It is slowly turning into it yes and I honestly never thought I would say that. Nothing against the company directly but I never liked some of the others so I kind of shied away from it when it first came out on the market.
The Kinect is becoming my favorite console (360 with Kinect). I also love my Wii - the Wii was my favorite up to the Kinect coming out. I like the gaming consoles that let you get up and get moving.
I agree, France9, that it is a positive touch that video games are becoming more active. Any extra movement in your day helps...why not have fun doing it as well?
xbox hands down. online is easier to navigate and the kinect is the best motion detection