Xbox 360 Is the upgrade worth it ?


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Aug 2, 2012
So, I've been thinking of upgrading my console to Kinect and I was wondering if it's really worth it. Some say the PS3 is better, others opt for Kinect. What do you think?
The PS3 is better as in the Move for Playstation? No way, get yourself a kinect, it's waaaaay better. I was sceptic at the beginning, but now I don't regret any moment the investment. :D
I have owned both the PS3 Move, and the Xbox Kinect. The Move, took more time to set up and calibrate, than the time that I actually spent using it. Move, felt like a "Glorified" version of the Wii (and at the time, it basically cost me as much as a Wii system for two people to play). Kinect, was easy to set up, and out-of-the-box supports 4 players at the same time. I actually use the Kinect almost everyday. The most useful feature for me, is the voice recognition. I control entire dashboard of the system by voice, and control playback for movies (in Zune, Netflix etc.) on a daily basis.

If you own a Kinect, do yourself a favor and spend $10 on Fruit Ninja.


- me
Go for Kinect, you won't be sorry. I have it and it's simply awesome. I tried the PS3 just to make sure but the kinect is much cooler and easier to use. Go ahead and do the upgrade, I assure you you'll be happy you did :)