Xbox One It appears that the XBox 720 will be the best!


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Oct 19, 2012
If the rumors about XBox 720 are anything to go by, then it appears it will be the other great product Microsoft will be releasing apart from Windows 8. Before I get carried away by the rumors about this gaming console, I would like to register my lack of enthusiasm towards its soon release since I've not even fully enjoy the XBox 360:(.

Among the things being speculated and which caught my eye is the inclusion of advanced graphic cards from AMD.

Those who are privy to XBox development may confirm or refute these encouraging claims....

Welcome and share more rumors on the XBox 720 :D
Its not going to be soon... what kind of rumors have you been hearing cause what I have heard is it will not be released until like 2015?
Well, do share these specs that you're mentioning. Because I've seen "rumored" specs of all the systems coming out. And considering the Wii U is out, that one doesn't even classify as a rumor anymore.