July 2014 purchased Xbox 'X' needs repair...


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Jul 17, 2023
Purchased 2014.

$300. for MS 'authorized' repair. New Xbox 'X' is $500.

Other options? Anything new on the horizon? Thanks for any input.
You probably mean Xbox One X, not Series X, which didn't come out until 2020. The console sold today for $500 is a different system, it's more powerful and has newer games.

We need to know exactly what's wrong with the console and what the repair shop wants to charge for, with as much detail as possible. If it's something that doesn't require advanced repair skills, maybe you can do it yourself and save the $300, or at least a large part of it.
I know this thread is a bit older but you could also consider a new Xbox series s. Been seeing some used on eBay for about 200 for the white ones. Unfortunately those are all digital, so no discs.
Thanks, folks. Actually, it's my son's Xbox.

He is DD and lives in a group home. No online gaming opportunities, so single-player titles. We'll prob get him a new one soon. Is there any way to retrieve his Minecraft files?
If the old one was connected to the internet I think it will have possibly done cloud saves. I’ll defer to someone else as I had the original Xbox, then went towards PlayStation until this generation. Though I did have an Xbox one for about a week before returning it to get a ps4 a few years ago. So my series s is my 1st Xbox in a while.