Xbox 360 Kinect Adventures - is it that fun?


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Nov 13, 2012
I have to admit I have the game but I never played it. It seems it's just a kids game and I have others I play right now anyway. Is Kinect Adventures really fun? Should I gve it a try?
Kinect Adventures is fun for about 30 minutes tops. But there are Kinect Bundles that come with it free of charge so it's not like you have to break bank on it. And even if you have Kinect already, you can get this for $10 now. But if it were me, there are better Kinect games to put your money on.

The kids however, may love it. But even for them, there is better out there now.
"Adventures" is designed for kids, but if you're a grandpa you MUST play it. The oldest of my friends has a grandkid and he ran out of excuses to play the game together :p I laugh now, but I'm pretty sure I'll know how it will feel like in 10 years.
We have a lot of fun with it at parties when people are casually jumping in and out between games. The auto snapshots make for a few good laughs. But for solo play it gets old pretty quickly.
I agree with all the others, I played it for about it an hour and it's pretty much the same things over and over. But my boys loved it and they played it longer than I did, but they have bored of it also. It came with the Kinect. It may be one of those good games for people that are drunk :)
The game and the several mini-games within it are fun for about an hour or so. After awhile you'll be looking to play something else. One of the sports games or even the dance games will provide you a better experience overall and will make you out of breath.
As others have said, it gets repetitive and boring really fast. I personally hate it.
This game is a good workout game, but is definitely geared towards smaller children. If you want a good exercise game, this works, but the challenges do get old fast. I would recommend at least trying the game if you already own it, though. It makes good use of Kinect features.
Since this game is a part of the Kinect bundle, I think its a great game to show what Kinect can do. Like others have said the fun in this game is short and gets repetitive fairly fast although my younger sister always plays this game with her friends when they come over, so i'd take it good for younger kids.
I have the game too but I'm 14 and don't play it very much at all.I have two younger brothers that broke the controllers so for a while that all I could play and in that time I didn't play xbox at all.In the two years I've had the game I played it about once.