Xbox 360 Kinect Disneyland


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Sep 22, 2011
We just bought Kinect Disneyland Adventures for our family. We are planning a vacation to Disney in Feb. 2012. I have to tell you that I love this game and so do the kids. You pretty much build your own adventures. You are in the park – it’s so cool. A must have for the younger kids.
I have never heard of the Kinect Disneyland game, before. Are you building stuff in Disneyland, or are you just wondering around the park, looking for stuff to do? By the way, have fun in February!
I was curious, so I looked up Kinect Disneyland. It looks like there might be different adventure modules. I saw one for the Haunted Mansion. I remember that from my trip to Disneyland way back in the Dark Ages! I hope you have a great time on your vacation.
Disney is expensive, the trip I mean not their games. How much was the game and what is the youngest age it recommends? We are Disney fans but I was actually thinking of getting it for my sisters kids this year if I can swing it.
I'm an adult and I got this game for myself; just started playing. How refreshing it is to play a Kinect game that actually lives up to its potential (it's been awhile). The graphics are flat-out awesome; the game is modeled to a 'T' after the actual Disneyland in California. The character quests the game has you go on are a nice change from the usual Kinect mini-game onslaught. Kinect Disneyland does have mini-games as well (in the form of "rides"), but they're very well done and pretty fun.

All in all, this game shows that the developers put a lot of time and effort into making this a quality game (way more than the usual Kinect game), which makes it a winner in my book.
I agree Vixen - it's an amazing game. I can't believe how great the graphics are. It reminds me of Disney! The kids and I play it, we spend over an hour each time we put it on. The kids want to go back to Disney - I just like the game.
Update: I just "finished" this game last night (by finished I mean beaten to my standards). Man oh man, this has to be the longest game I have ever played. While the game doesn't provide an exact count on how long I spent playing it (I'd probably be horrified if it did), let's just say I was averaging at least 2 hours per session almost every day for 3 weeks straight. Normally I can meet all my goals in a game in a week or less if I'm playing the death out of it.

So, certainly get your money's worth with this game!
I've played it, too, 360vixen, and was even forewarned about the length when I read a review on it. The reviewer claimed that gameplay could take anywhere from 40 to 100 hours, and I thought they were kidding. They weren't!

I know most people play the game just for fun, though, and don't worry about "wanding" every trash can, lamp post, and manhole. In which case, they can stop playing whenever they want to.
Ouch! You're telling me I have a lot more time to play then to get all the way through. Awesome in a way, the kids will never play the same thing twice. I hope they don't get bored before they make it through though.