Xbox 360 Kinect in a small room


New Member
Nov 13, 2012
My living room is longer than it is wide so my TV and Kinect have to be on the long wall. This doesn't leave a whole lot of room to use the Kinect because there is only about 4 feet between the TV and the sofa in which to maneuver. How do you deal with a Kinect in a small space?
Unfortunately, there is no easy way to deal with that. There is no way for you to literally alter your physical space. What you may have to do is put your system in a room with wider space. If that doesn't work, you might just have to tough it out with the long wall in the living room.
The only solution I can possibly see to this is embedding it all in the wall to get barely another few inches of clearance. I don't think there really is a solution to this though...
I know what you mean, Diva. I used to keep my TV in the bedroom and when I added the console I decided I had to make some changes. You really need a good amount of space to fully enjoy the games.