Xbox 360 Kinect-Powered Shopping Cart


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Mar 8, 2012
This is the coolest thing. Microsoft has come out with these "shopping carts" that are powered by Kinect. They follow you around the store and help you with your shopping. Let's say that you have a peanut allergy. The Smarter Cart is supposed to let you know if you start to buy something that contains peanuts. What will they think of next?
What? Where are these Kinect carts located? Is it something you have to buy yourself? It just sounds so crazy! How does the cart even know your info? I might have to look this up because it sounds so intriguing.
That is pretty awesome! Not going to lie. I would really like to check these out more in depth. Where can I find one of these Kinect shopping carts?
lol, that would be cool, but I would spend a bunch of money because I would just want to bee waving my hand.

Here is a picture I found of the Kinect cart. It sounds and looks silly to me. How can a grocery store afford these, especially replace the carts after they break? From what I found Whole Foods is testing out the carts. I do not have one of those stores, so I can not see if this is true.
That cart just looks crazy! I do not understand how the thing can tell your info, though. Do you put some kind of info loaded card into the cart or do you have to type it in before you shop. I can see a lot of people getting their heels crushed by this buggy. :)