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Miss X

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Sep 22, 2011
I was wondering, how many people have the Kinect for Xbox 360? I have it, and I find the technology pretty cool. I like to play dancing games with the Kinect, because it is hilarious to watch people. What do you think of the Kinect, and what
games do you enjoy?
I've heard of Kinect! Somebody sent me a link to a Youtube video of Dance Central. Viral stuff like that has probably been the best advertising for Kinect. I can see myself becoming kind of addicted to the dancing game.
I haven't got it yet (I just only now got an Xbox), but it looks kind of neat. Slightly silly, but then you look silly playing Wii games too and those are really fun.
I think I'm going to keep motion games for the Wii. I don't really like to play the silly dancing games anymore. I used to but now I get kind of bored with them. I think they are better for social gamers and I usually play alone.
I must be super lazy or something, because I really don't have any interest in dancing around to play a game. :p It sounds interesting but nothing that I'd have fun doing, I think.
The dancing game is something different than what I was originally thinking. Jules is right from what I was just reading about it. Sounds like it would be more for social gamers although it doesn't really seem like a "family fun" game as they promote it to be. But if people like it, more power to them.
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Just Dance, is the best! It is a highly addictive game. If you don't like playing, it is so funny to watch someone who is playing. My sides
usually hurt, from laughing at my husband.
Just Dance strikes me as a great spectator's sport! Is it sort of a cross between America's Funniest Videos and Dancing with the Stars? If that's the case, it sounds like it would be a blast.