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Miss X

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Sep 22, 2011
My best friends daughter has a birthday soon, and I thought about getting her a game for their Kinect. I have seen a few that look like fun, but wanted to get some advice on what your kids liked playing the most.
I want the Zumba Kinect game... it looks like a blast. I bet kids would even love it. We have a ton of "dance" games but they are for the X-Box 360 not the Kinect. I'm getting one of these this weekend.
I'd recommend Carnival Games, Kinectimals, Fantastic Pets, or Disneyland Adventures as a good kids' Kinect game.

In Carnival Games, you play classic games that you would find at a fair or arcade. You can win prizes and wear costumes.

In Kinectimals, you do mini-games to train a pet tiger (or other big cat of your choice). They've also recently added bears to the mix.

In Fantastic Pets, you do mini-games with and care for magical creatures (unicorns, dragons, etc.).

In Disneyland Adventures, you run around completing quests for the various Disney characters in a full-scale replica of the California park. You can also do games in the rides.

Hope this helps.
I would not get Zumba Kinect for a kid. I would get a Mario game, kids seem to love those types of games. I did not care for Carnival games either, I mean it was cool when we first got it but then we got bored.
France9, there are zero Mario games for the Kinect or 360. They are Nintendo exclusive. I agree with you about Zumba Fitness, though; that game requires quite a deal of energy. It has classes that are 45 minutes long.