Xbox 360 Kinect's Health Benefits


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Mar 8, 2012
I am the first to admit that I play games because they're fun. But I'm wondering if anyone has been drawn to Kinect because it's an enjoyable, painless way to exercise. You couldn't pay me to go through those boring gym workouts. My guess is that there are lots of people like me, and Kinect is probably getting a lot of their business. What do you think?
I don't personally own a Kinect, but I do think that they make a lot of money of it, guess it is just not my kind of thing.... I can seriously see a lot of people buying it for exercise, actually I already know a few people that did.
Unfortunately, I don't own a Kinect either, but the exercise-hidden-in-a-video-game idea really appealed to me when I first heard about the Kinect. I'm really hoping that Microsoft will lower the price of the Kinect soon so that we'll be able to afford one!
Well I know a lot of people liked the Wii for the exercise when it first came out. I'm not sure if it's still as popular for that, but I'd imagine a lot of that market is going to the Kinect now.
I own a Kinect and the Wii and I do have a lot of exercise type games. My favorite is Zumba! :) I love both of these consoles because they get the kids up and moving (dance games). So I would say I'm all about the exercise.
From what I've read on blogs, the Kinect seems to be the favorite versus the Wii Fitness. When you look at how many people love Zumba, maybe that explains a lot of Kinect's popularity in the area of exercise games.
I wasn't drawn to the Kinect for health reasons; I love the Xbox and will try any new technology it comes out with. I think a little exercise is a great side benefit from playing Kinect games, but I don't rely on them for my daily fitness!