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Aug 28, 2012
Below you will find Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning cheats. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier.

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Unlockables/Cheats

Infinite backpacks
Go to Mel Senshir to find a merchant called lllyn Doldran, who sells backpacks. Kill him then pay a fine to clear your name of the murder. After that, fast travel to your house and sleep for four days then fast travel back to Mel Senshir to find lllyn Doldran again. He will have respawned and will be having another backpack. Repeat the process as many times as you want.

Easy experience
Make Corgan Hold available for fast traveling. It is located in the western edge of Tala-Rane, in the Plains of Erathell. Immediately inside the door of Corgan Hold, you will find a shrine that gives +20% XP for a limited time. Activate the shrine, go back outside, then fast travel to your next quest or dungeon to earn easy additional XP while the shrine is active.

Easy salvage
Before you salvage a weapon or armor at the Forge, save the game since the salvage you get from items is randomized. If you like the components you get, save the game. If you do not like them, load your previous save, and try again.

Easy Combat Training
Any traps laid in the Combat Training arena before you begin training will remain there once training starts. Therefore, if you are finding it hard to beat any record, set traps before you start training. They will damage and slow down enemies during training, enabling you to kill them more quickly and easily.

Easy lockpicking without using points
Do not hold "D" while picking locks; instead, tap it fast to advance. If you notice the lockpick moving slightly, stop and change lockpick positions. Start from the right or left, and when the lockpick is about to brake (it will twitch), stop and try again after you moved him for 1/4 of a scale. You will need some practice before you can learn this trick but once you do, you will no longer have to spend attribute points on lockpicking.

Easy stealth chest looting
If you want to loot a chest in Stealth mode, and the percentage chance of being caught is too high, you can press B so that you back out of the chest inventory, and then press A to loot the chest again. The percentage of risk will have reduced. You can repeat this process until there is zero risk of you being caught.

Easy ring from Well Of Souls
When starting Story mode, you will be given the option of skipping the tutorial. Choose "Don't skip", and play the demo. Reach the Rock Troll, and defeat it. Next, loot the troll to get a ring you would have missed if you skipped the tutorial.

Alternating loot
Before you enter a house or dungeon, save your game. If you do not want the items you find there, simply reload your saved game and different loot will be randomly generated in the house or dungeon.

Cheaper armor and weapon repair
If you pay smiths to repair your weapons or armor, they will charge you a lot. Instead, make use of Repair Kits as much as possible so that you save a lot of gold in the process. This is especially so for rarer weapons and armor that cost a fortune to repair at a smith. Buy these repair kits at every opportunity and get additional backpacks to carry them inside.

Turning stolen items into non-stolen items
Find a merchant that buys stolen items and sell your stolen item(s) to them. Do not exit the “Buy/Sell” screen after that. Instead, go to the “Buy” option and scroll down to “Sold Items” to buy the item(s) back for the same amount you sold it. The item will no longer have the red hand icon.

Training more than three pets ("The Legend Of Dead Kel" DLC)
In "The Legend Of Dead Kel" downloadable content, the "Pet Training" option normally does not allow you to train more than three pets. When asked to select a pet to discard, select the "Raise Pets" option (it is the middle option on the left side). This will enable you to select the option to train another pet. You can train all possible pets using this method.

Easy "Juggler" achievement
This trick requires a bow (preferably with weaker stats) and long sword. During combat, perform the Upheaval move on an enemy using the long sword, then shoot arrows into them while they are in the air to get the "Juggler" achievement.

Easy "Streaker" achievement
You can get the "Streaker" achievement with the first gnome you talk to after you wake up on the body pile. Simply unequip everything except your weapon. Kill the two Tuatha harassing the gnome, and then quickly unequip your weapon before the gnome comes over to talk to you.
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