Xbox 360 L. A. Noire


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Dec 23, 2011
Has anyone else played L.A. Noire? I bought this game for the hubby for Christmas and I've actually been playing it more than he has, lol. I didn't know until I bought it that it's 3 discs long, so it looks like I'm in for some serious gaming time. (Which is a good thing - at least then I can justify a hefty price tag!) The graphics are excellent and the game is very similar in style to the newer Grand Theft Autos.

What do you think about the game?
I've played it, and yeah, it's a great game! The graphics are REALLY good, like Pink_Assassin said, and the storyline is interesting, too. It seems fairly realistic, too - when you interrogate witnesses and suspects, you (as the player) have to decided if they're telling the truth or not, and your decision affects game play. It's really cool.
I've played it too, and I think it's a really fun game. I like being the detective and solving all these different murder mysteries. I was surprised when I found out that it's 3 discs long, so I'm excited to see how the game twists and turns as we keep playing it.
Just got a chance to play it, and seriously see myself buying it. It seems to be a great game.
I have L.A. Noire and I like it, but is it just me, or is it really hard to tell when a suspect is lying or telling the truth? It seems like I'm always wrong, like they were always telling the truth when I thought they were lying, or vice versa.