Xbox 360 laptop hdd hack for xbox slim


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May 28, 2012
i've purchased a western digital scorpio blue 320gig BPVT hdd and am having trouble formatting. i've downloaded the necessary files to make my flash drive bootable as well as the security sectors for the hard drive and the hddss.bin files. once i get to the Starting Windows Millenium Emergency Boot.... screen i enter C:/hddhackr and hit enter but i cannot proceed to the next screen. does anyone have any advice on how to resolve this problem? what am i doing wrong? i've followed the steps on this website:

How to hack a 250gb or 320gb sata drive to work in the Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Slim

but still have had no success. i'm using a lexmar 16gig flash drive and have had troubles with the drive in the past. i tried a seperate 1gig drive but still could not get the hddhackr file to initiate. any help would be much obliged! i'm using a 7 month old acer laptop so i don't see why i'd have any problems. i've also switched ACHI to IDE mode and still nothing. PLEASE HELP!! THANK YOU
I would not suggest hacking an xbox console. If even one person reports you, chances are you will be banned.