Xbox One Latest 720 rumors


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Nov 13, 2012
So the latest rumors about the 720 are out and the biggest is that it might not be called anything but Xbox! No numbers at all. It supposedly will have a Blu Ray player in it as well and will have a sleeker design then it's predecessor. Supposedly it will look something like a router or an Apple TV box.
I don't know why they are putting in Blu Ray? Who uses Blu Ray anymore? Also, if it's going to be that thin/compact/small then how could it possibly fit a Blu Ray drive in it?
Blu ray kind of peaked about a year after it came out didn't it? Everything is streaming now. I don't even know anyone that has a blu ray player anymore.
Are you two serious? "Who still uses Blu Ray"?

Do you guys realize Blu Ray disc sales are still climbing to this day?

Source Where are you two getting your facts from?
I'm building up a nice bluray collection right now. I just bought The Avengers, it looks so good. May I ask, what do you use to watch HD films/tv if you're not using physical media? Streaming? Because, dependent on your ISP and content provider, the high definition can be so compressed that it doesn't look much better than a DVD.
I don´t think Bluray usage for the reader is a problem, it is something very standard now and provides enough data space for games, I´m more concerned about the console not being powerful enough to meet my expectations, I would like the new Xbox to be a beast of a machine in the technical side, I don´t want to pay 400$ for a machine that are not able to provide me a significant leap in graphics, because that is why im buying it in the first place.
I'd have to agree that Blu-Ray seems like a dated idea. What would be the reason? On the current Xbox 360, everything is becoming streaming. What would be the point of having going backwards?
Gizmodo just posted the latest news on the upcoming XBox 720. I hope this is accurate because it sounds amazing. 8 AMD cores for 1.2 Teraflops of power. A 768 thread GPU for super graphics performance. Bluray. USB 3.0. This is really exciting news. I want one :)
That can't be right? AMD got the deal? I thought it was Nvidia all the way for the new console? Hmm!

AMD has more experience with integrated GPUs, but Nvidia's been getting all that tablet/phone market experience so I assumed they would snag the next Xbox deal too.. Specially since Samsung will be eating up some of their mobile CPU market with those new 8 core mobile CPUs that can idle at less power consumption than the existing mobile quad cores.

Interesting indeed!
Hah, good for him. He's going to get sued for misleading and mischief, if not charged, but it highlights a real problem in the industry. Site owners are so bent on obtaining ad dollars that they want to share everything and don't bother to fact check. Part of the blame here goes to Google, by being first to break news you are ensured a certain number of backlinks and the drive to acquire those too was created by Google and their pagerank algorithm.

Shame, shame, shame.
This is the thing I'm seeing too.

First person to publish gets all the credit, so if you take time to verify a source you are risking losing 'dibs' for getting it out first?

So then one site will publish saying "we ran out of time to verify, so this is still just a 'rumor'" but then other sites will point to that post as a 'source'?!

If enough crappy sites do this you will see the occasional 'good' site pick the story up as a 'rumor from multiple trustworthy sources' and then it's really out of control. As he points out it's even more awesome when the sites try to 're-word' the story each time they re-share it.

"The new Xbox 360 times two, will have 16 / 2 cores of CPU power, which is like the wattage of .023 deloreans of power crunching game happy!"