Xbox 360 Leaving Games In The Console


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Jul 6, 2012
When you finish playing a game for the time being, do you take the game back out of the disc tray, leaving it empty, or do you leave the disc in the tray until you have a reason to remove it?
I usually just leave the disc in the tray until I get ready to play a different game or watch a movie. The way I see it, if you remove a disc from the disc tray every time you finish playing a game or watching a movie, it puts more wear and tear on the mechanisms that control the tray. If you can minimize the opening and closing, you can avoid wearing out your disc tray prematurely.
I tend to just leave the disc in there, too, unless I hear it spinning excessively when I'm not playing the game, in which case I'll just go ahead and take it out.
From experience, you should remove the game every time you power off the console (especially if you have your console standing upright). You stand a chance of "burning a ring" that makes a perfect circle scratch on your game. This happens if the system is bumped or moved while a dics is still in the system. Basically, if the disc is not seated perfectly in the tray and the system is powered on, the disc will spin unevenly. The last thing you want to do is ruin a $60 investment.

- me
I do try to remember to take my games out when I am done because I have heard that it can burn a circle on them or otherwise damage the console.
I must admit that I am guilty of this pretty regularly. I try to remember to take them out, but I get easily distracted doing other things and forget. :/
I always try to take them out, more so because I'm organized and like to have all of my games in cases but it's so easy to forget! I wasn't even aware that it could cause damage so I'm glad I know that now. Thankfully I've never had a problem with leaving a disc in there but I'll have to be more careful now since money doesn't grow on trees, sadly.
I am quite guilty of this. I'll often take the disk out, but I'll sometimes leave it in. The Xbox is in a position where it wouldn't be bumped or moved without doing it on purpose.
I mostly leave the disc in for safety purposes. I feel that the disk is safer from scratches when inside that when I decide to keep it in its casing
Having small kids, I try to take MY games out (Skyrim, Black Ops, etc), and leave theirs in (Lego anything). If they start the system without me, they won't fudge up my games, and if they do play, it's acceptable. Having said that, I did have my copy of Fallout 3 moved while running, scraping a ring in it, becoming unusable. I should probably start taking the games out altogether, putting them back inside their protective cases. One simple step, right?
I've always just left it in the console... Usually Halo3 and now mw3
My xbox is laying long ways, not upright, up on a shelf and it never gets moved so I don't worry too much about removing the games. I tend to play the same ones over and over so I guess I agree southpark about wearing out the mechanism that opens and closes the drawer.
If you're taking the disc out each time you're not protecting it you're just going to scratch it more and ruin the disk eventually.
I try not to do this with any of my devices. My leaving a game in my first Xbox 360 is what got it stuck in there. And no matter what we did, it wouldn't get out. So now, I have a new system of course. But when I'm done with a game, I take it out of the game system. Because if it happens again, I won't be buying a 3rd 360.
I always remove them, I'm not the only one using the 360 so I have to take the game out when I finish playing it. I would suggest you guys take it out if you can remember, it's a precaution to prevent scratches on the CD.
I always leave the disc in the console because to be honest I can't be bothered taking it out. So far I haven't had any scratches or any other damages to the discs.
To be honest, I usually just leave them there because

1. I am lazy
2. I usually continuously play the game until I FINISH IT or I get bored of it

I know that it's a bad habit but I mean, who cares? :p
I just leave it in the tray for the next time I play. Why bother taking it out? I don't do this for any particular reason... Probably because I'm lazy :)