Original Xbox Lifespan?


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Sep 11, 2012
Hi all,

I have an original Xbox that I bought brand new back in 2005. It was played fairly often up until 2007 then It was placed in its original box and stored until 2010. It was home owned and taken care pretty well, never been dropped, mishandled, or exposed to liquids/elements etc.

Since i pulled it back out of storage i have amassed quite a collection of original games and hope to play through all of them again and enjoy them like i did back when they first came out. But i'm worried the console may die on me one day and i wont be able to play through all my games.

Like i said earlier, the console was pretty well taken care of and the only issues with it are: dust, occasional sticky disc drive, and i once got an error message (dont remember it exactly but i think it had something to do with a set off component cables i plugged in wrong).

I want to know if you guys think my console can sustain its life and last longer or am i better off hunting for a new one? and what is the estimated lifespan of my xbox/
You know, I think it can last indefinitely as long as you take care of it. I have quite a few friends that still have and play their original NES. If it ever does die on you, you shouldn't have too difficult of a time finding another one on Ebay or at a local game store that caters to the classics. I know we have a few of those stores around where I live. I so wish I still had my original NES...
Game consoles have an estimated life of 3 to 5 years. The fourth and fifth years would be the time when there would be a lot of repairs that need to be done. If the repairs are good, the life span could be increased for another 2 to 3 years. My original xbox lasted for 5 years. Instead of having it repaired, I just bought an xbox 360.
mines still kickin, got it workin a couple weeks ago. bought it in 05 also
Man, as long as you take care of that thing it's going to continue to work. I don't know if you smoke (tobacco or marajuana) but if you do, I would highly advise that you don't do it while the console is running or in open air. Make sure you clean it out, get the dust out of it (I guarantee there's at least a little) and store your games appropriately. Consoles can last quite a long time, and while the truth is that we aren't sure exactly how long new models can last, they're guaranteed to last longer if you care for them like an infant.

The major change between next-gen consoles and previous generation consoles is the ability to read disks; this technology isn't exactly "new" in terms of technological advancements, but it's not exactly dying any time soon either. Keep your lens clean, keep console safe, and keep the games well taken care of; if you do this, I think you could expect your console to continue working for quite some time.

On that note, it wouldn't hurt to look into long-term care for your console either - it may not show it now, but you may have a small fortune on your hands if you know how to keep that thing in working condition over the years and keep the games in running order. You might also want to look into backing up your games, there are many ways to emulate games on older consoles these days, and if you own the original game and aren't distributing the software as piracy, you are completely entitled to copying the files for yourself so you can maintain the integrity of the original disks. Don't be afraid to looking into professional repair or replacing older parts with newer ones.
I tried to play my xbox again a couple of years ago, and it worked perfectly fine and there were no issues with it at all. Hopefully it continues to work for years and years!