Xbox 360 Liquid and Xbox


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Mar 19, 2012
I have no clue how this happened, but I tripped walking into the living room with my coffee. The coffee goes hurtling through the air and some of it lands on my Xbox 360! I am horrified and tried to check and see if a bunch of the coffee got inside the Xbox, but I am not sure. I looked down into the slots and it looks dry. What should I do to make sure the console does not have liquid in it? I am freaking out right now!
I have a buddy who took his apart when it stopped working, which model do you have?
Man, that really sucks! Maybe, since you did not see wetness inside the slots, the coffee only splashed on the top of the Xbox. I am not sure how this works on big electronics, but I dropped my phone in water one time and covered it with rice. Someone told me the rice sucks out moisture. It worked for me.
Its ok. all the cords inside of the xbox have a plastic coating. All Memory chips ar internal. . Plus, thats just the skin of the xbox. their is also a metal box inside of the cover. you are fine unless you take the coffee and pour it into it on purpose.
Yea, you must be right, because my Xbox still works. I was really freaking out that day, thinking I would have to buy a new console. I did not realize the Xbox was so heavy duty.