Xbox 360 Listening to Music


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Aug 10, 2012
Do any of you use your Xbox 360 to listen to music? If so, how do you do it? Do you plug your iPod or other mp3 player into one of the USB ports, or did you sync your computer up with your console to access all the music on your computer? Or, do you use Zune or internet radio apps? Do you have music stored on the Xbox hard drive?
I use my Xbox 360 to listen to music from time to time. Unfortunately, we no longer have a stereo system in our living room, so it's pretty much the Xbox or nothing! I've tried plugging my iPod into the front of the Xbox, but the console won't play all of the songs on my iPod for some reason. I've been meaning to sync my computer up with the console, since all the songs on my iPod are also on my computer, but I keep forgetting. In the meantime, I usually just listen to the iHeartRadio app.
I listen to music on my Xbox 360 all the time! I bought a large hard drive for it last year so that I could start storing my music on it. We keep our 360 in the living room, so whenever I'm cooking in the kitchen, folding laundry on the couch, or even entertaining company, we have the Xbox on with some good tunes playing.
I didn't think of this before, listening to music on the Xbox. I usually listen to my music on my PC or iPod, I didn't even know you can use the console for listening to music.