Live Rewards


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Nov 3, 2012
Does anyone participate in the Live Rewards program from Microsoft? Basically, they give you Microsoft points for taking short surveys about Live, playing your favorite games and other stuff.
I do! I just got the e-mail a few days ago telling me how much time I've played on the console and in multiplayer. It made me feel like I have absolutely no life...But It's still cool to see those stats tracked from time to time. Now excuse me. I have to go do something productive so I don't feel like a complete waste ;)
Lol, jstep! I play Live too but I don't feel useless. I like to reward myself with a bit of fun every time I finish my work or after I accomplish something important like wash all dishes in the sink :)
Lol nI thought I was the only one that plays wayy to much xbox live but, it's great because I made friends all over the world. The numbers just make me say holy crap all those hours on Call of Duty lol.
Right Soda? The other day I spent eleven hours playing Far Cry 3. Seriously? What a total waste of a day...but I haven't done that in forever, so it was worth it. I'm thinking COD tonight. I just have to get a bit more stuff done and that will be my reward!
I never really participate in any rewards programs. Rather just mow some lawns or work at McDonald's for minimum wage than waste my time doing surveys ;)
I think I got an e-mail a while back but I just trashed it, thinking it was just more Xbox marketing. I might have to check it out. How do I get there? Is there a link to it?
I do use the program. I responded to the email to sign up to give me 800 MS points. Since then I've made another 600 or so more.

Do it, quick and easy surveys, free points.
I actually just signed up! :)