Xbox 360 Location Of Your Console


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Jul 8, 2012
Where is your console located in your house? Do you keep it in the living room or den, so that the entire family can use it, or is it located in a bedroom? Personally, we have had ours in both our bedroom and the living room before, but ever since we bought a big, flat screen TV for the living room, it's been in there so than we can play our games in high-definition!
We keep ours in our living room so that everyone can use it. We definitely don't have enough money to buy more than one console, so if we had placed it in one of the bedrooms, everyone else would complain about not having access to it.
Like both of you, we have our console in our living room. Too many people in our house use it to keep it in someone's bedroom! I like to watch Netflix through it while my husband likes to play games on it. My mom is even getting into the swing of things with it, too!
We also have ours in the living room. The kids use it to watch dvd's and stream Netflix, and my wife and I play games on it when we get a chance.
We actually keep ours in the basement, because we decided to use that space for entertainment when we finished it out. It's basically just a second living room though, with a couch, a TV, our video game consoles, and our stereo, plus a mini-fridge. :cool: (Our "actual" living room is more formal, with a matching living room suite centered around our fireplace.)
I wish we had a basement, shootemup!! If we did, we would definitely have a setup similar to yours. :) We are somewhat limited on space, though, so we keep ours in the living room. We have had it in the bedroom in the past, but once we bought a Roku, we moved the Xbox to the living room permanently.
I keep my xbox in the man cave! We keep it there because my mom doesn't really like shooting games. We don't have it in our bedrooms because we aren't that wealthy. But, I've been over to people's houses who have their xboxes in their rooms. In a basement, you can have a big speaker system and a comfortable couch and a big tv. But usually people don't have that in their rooms.
We have a game room that was designed to be a walk in attic storage area. It's carpeted and has air conditioning vents, but we had to put an A/C unit in the window because the vents never seemed to work. We have a 32" television in a cabinet designed to hold it, the Xbox 360 and the games.
I have mine in my bedroom but once I move into a more spacious place, I'll probably put it in the living room. I'd love to have one for each room but oh well, maybe I'll get a PS3 in the future so I can do that type of setup.
I put my Xbox in our living room. We have only one TV and the guys at home are pissed since they can't watch anything when I'm playing (I don't stop unless it's bedtime). They're planning on purchasing another TV and put it in my bedroom so that they could watch all the shows that they want. I think that would be a very good idea.
The living room has proven to be the central point in our house. This is where everyone converges, and we said why not put it here for everyone to access easily:)The problem is we don't have a time-table on who should use it when and thus sometimes this causes tension.
We own 3 xboxs right now Have 1 in my room, 1 in my brothers room, and one in the basement living room Lol