Looking for 2 people for fun YouTube group!!

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    May 14, 2015
    Hello. My friend and I are trying to get a group of 4 players going and get on the YouTube scene starting this summer. Basically, we will play some different co-op games together, have a ton of fun, and make videos and upload them onto youtube. We plan to grow and become a big name gaming group and in the long run be getting paid through a youtube partnership and possibly t-shirts and other things like that. It would be preferred if you also are a youtuber and/or have any experience with youtube, video editing, graphics, etc. Our youtube channel will be a collaboration. Our main goal is to be good but always have fun and be outgoing at the same time. (No clumsiness or purposely acting like a fool). I am 18 years old and my friend is 16. We are looking for 2 others that are at least 16. You must also be outgoing, respectful, and a good buddy. Must be hard-working when it comes to making videos. Must be able to play often and have money to buy games and dlc. Must be a decent player skill-wise. This group will be longterm and become close as friends. We are going to be using a channel that has 275 subs (My channel that I started several months ago) which will start us off good. The name of that channel currently is ForcefulVisions. Im hoping we can somehow change it but if not, we will decide what to do. Once we find 2 other people, we will decide on a group name, roles, and what games we will play. Potential games being GTA 5, Rainbow6 Siege, BF Hardline, Halo 5, Blops3. If you are interested in being a part of this group, please text (605)431-4657 or reply to this post with info about yourself that will suit the group