Xbox 360 Losing your saved game


New Member
Sep 22, 2011
Doesn't it seem like the worst when you lose your saved game? I have lost my game due to power outages or people accidentally unplugging the game. Other times I thought the game had saved but it hadn't.
I hate it when something like that happens! It always seems to happen, after you have worked so hard to complete something, too! More games, should have an autosave feature!
I feel like banging my head up against a wall, when my games do not save. I had been working on this hard part of a game, for a few hours, when a storm popped up. I was just about to save my game and quit, when the power went off! I just stared at the television in a daze.
I agree with Gena, all games should have an autosave feature! There is nothing more aggravating, than working so hard on a game, and then suddenly losing all your progress!
I am thankful that the rooms the adults game in is soundproofed, sometimes words fly when that happens. It is also nice for when we are watching movies with language in it not needed to hear by little ears. :)