Mac woes


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Jan 20, 2012
Has anyone ever been in the position of owning a Mac and realizing what a disadvantage such a device has when it comes to computer gaming? Are there any quality games that you do know that they make for a Mac?
Don't they eventually release the more popular games for Macs too? I always thought there was a delay, which would be irritating, but I didn't realize they didn't come out with Mac versions at all.
Never, I honestly have no need for a Mac and I really do not like them in the first place. For the longest time I was only about running Linux, now that I actually need Windows (for corporate America) I still run that, but I also run it on my home machines because I like to game. My thoughts are use what you need, but still personally I do not like Macs.
I started out on a Mac because everyone was recommending them for graphics work. That was "back in the day," but now I don't think the Mac can do anything that Windows can't do equally well. Mac users brag that they last forever. Well, you had better hope they do since it's impossible to find anyone who repairs them. That's when I converted to Windows and I haven't looked back.
I'm a photographer by trade and I just bought an iMac. I grew up on PC, went to college and used a Mac, and spent years back on a PC. You have to admit...iMacs are damn good looking...Anyways, I just got my iMac earlier this week, and I'm eager to see the differences between the two while in Photoshop and Lightroom. I already have WoW installed as well, waiting for the expansion, because I've already played the game too much to give up now. I'm thinking that the iMac will hopefully work quicker, because Lightroom 4 on my perfectly good PC lags like crazy...
I have never owned an iMac. When I tell this to people, they usually assume I'm one of those anti-Apple geeks, who hates every product designed by the late Steve Jobs. Well, I'm not. I have been using Windows on my computers because it is cheaper and does all the jobs I need to do.

As far as gaming is concerned, I think there are quite a few games that run on a Mac or Macbook. They are not nearly as many as there are available for PC, but the major ones, such as Starcraft 2, are available on the OS X platform as well.