Xbox 360 Magna Carta 2 Cheats


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Aug 28, 2012
Below you will find Magna Carta 2 cheats. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier.

Magna Carta 2 Unlockables/Cheats


Successfully complete the tasks indicated below to get the corresponding recipes:

Golden Frog: While searching for the Cota Mare war documents, look inside a chest to the north of all the tombstones in the Undersea Tunnel.

Iron Heart: Successfully finish the "Hunt The Fleeing Soldiers" quest.

Mark Of The Hero: Successfully finish the "Kill The Inferno" quest.

Patience & Will: Successfully finish the "Emergency Rescue" quest.

Perfect Ring: It is located next to Malaccia for Quest 92. While in the Ruhalt Plateau, head north and pass a bridge near the save pillar found in a clearing east of Belfort and north of the Bluemoon settlement.

Proof Of Soldier: Successfully finish the "Find The Scout, Jeroha" quest.

Red Jewel: Successfully finish the "A Tooth For A Tooth" quest.

Reward For Effort: It is in another chest grouped with Golden Frog.

Ring Of Conquest: Successfully finish the "Dunan Field's Seeds Of Suffering" quest.

Snow Crystal: Defeat the Werewolf Boss in Abazet Field.

Ultimate Shot: Successfully complete the "Ultimate Wonder Potion" quest.

Wizard's Rocket: Successfully complete the "Gather Cursed Grass" quest.
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