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Oct 29, 2012
I've been hearing a lot of stuff about how the Magnum beats the AR in Halo 4, so I did a little test with my pal TorChu JACK117. We tried a variety of ranges with the two weapons, along with targeting specific locations on our characters. In the end, plenty of bullets had flown, and many mangled spartans lie on the ground in our engagement zone.

While we tested, we actually recorded ourselves for a mock-podcast, currently dubbed "ClanTorChuBlog Halo Reviews."
(Due to forum restrictions, the only link is the below. Copy/paste it into your browser to view. :))

Our testing didn't include many things being precise. We simply marked off an area and picked scenarios to enact multiple times.

1.) At a close range, from what I remember, the AR won every time.
2.) For our medium range tests, I started out with the pistol while Jack shot me up with an AR. I'm not sure if the roles were the reason, but My pistol completely owned his AR at the medium range. When we swapped, my AR beat his pistol more than half of the time.
3.) Finally, at long range, the pistol proved winner. This would be due to the scoped nature and precision of the pistol when compared to the ARs nature which is to have less accuracy, especially at a distance.

The verdict?
They seem rather equal, to be honest. If either had to be chosen to be better, it would be the pistol in my book.
In the three scenarios--being short-range, medium-range, and long-range-- The AR proved king of short-range, the pistol was king of Long-range, and both were reasonably evenly matched for medium-range. These weapons, paired with any number of the deadly options available to an average Halo player, (grenades, melee, jump/dodging) are a deadly match for anyone on the field.

Some numbers for you, the Pistol takes five shots to bring down an average spartan's shields. (Six shots if you want a killing headshot.)
The AR takes roughly half of a clip (Say, 14 shots?) to break shields. It's also possible to get a headshot with the AR, as we concluded by accident during our testing, so assuming that it takes exactly 14 shots to break shields, it should take only 15 shots to kill a spartan if the very next bullet is a perfect headshot.

We also noted that in order to break shields with these weapons, it does not matter where the gunfire actually hits the player, the amount of bullets required to break shields is always the same.

Thus is the result of our aspiring ClanTorChuBlog Halo Reviews. This being our first "podcast," first Halo review/test, and a total experiment.

-Skylark (AKA: TorchuVadergear)
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