Mario Party 9


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Jan 20, 2012
This one just came out yesterday, and so far, my hubby and I have been pleasantly surprised by the gameplay. Dare we say it is the best Mario Party yet! Definitely not something they just slapped together after a five-year absence from the last one.
I used to like some of the old ones, so maybe I'll check this one out. As the name would suggest, they really are good party games. It's pretty easy for everyone to play and learn quickly.
This version actually has a lot less mini-games than its predecessors, which makes for a somewhat short game in party play. I do love how the focus has shifted to surprise elements like Bowser squares and reverse stars, however.
What is it like? I was interested in getting it. We don't own all the Mario games yet but I've heard people talking about this new one. How much did it cost and is it worth it so far? I usually don't buy games when they are first released.
@France9: I think you should definitely get it (costs $50 new). It's different from the other Mario Party games because in this one, all players move together in a car (or flying carpet, or bed)! Even if one person dominates in the mini-games, the placement rankings are constantly changing due to a lot of random elements being thrown in.

The last time I played with my hubby, we got stuck going around in circles on the Boo level because we needed a certain roll to proceed to the next area. It was hilarious!
I haven't ever played any of the Mario Party games, but this one sounds fun. I especially like that 360vixen was saying it might be the best Mario Party yet, but even so, I don't think we'll buy it new. Maybe we can find a used version of it somewhere for half price...