Xbox 360 Michael Jackson The Experience


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Sep 22, 2011
Have you played “Michael Jackson The Experience”? I don’t own the game but I did play it. I wasn’t really fond of it. I thought it would be awesome – as I loved MJ as a kid. The best part was when you are in party mode – you can have 4 people dancing at the same time. That was pretty cool!
My nephew is a huge Michael Jackson fan, so his parents bought him this game. I tried it once, but I didn't find it too entertaining. Maybe I'm just not into that style of dancing or something, because I couldn't figure out why the child was so excited about the game... To be honest, I liked Michael Jackson's music more than his dancing...
I love Michael Jackson, and I loved watching him dance in music videos as much I loved listening to the music. I haven't bought the game yet, as I haven't bought a Kinect yet, lol, but it will be the first game I buy when I do get a Kinect. (I've got my fingers crossed that there's a Kinect wrapped up and sitting up under our Christmas tree as we speak!)
The Kinect didn't do a very good job tracking me when I had this game. I thought the singing was good and some of the dance moves humorous, but all in all, nothing to write home about.