Microphone not working with Xbox One S

Discussion in 'Xbox One Support & Tips' started by MontyMole, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. MontyMole

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    Jul 26, 2020

    About 2 weeks ago my Xbox One S stopped recieving audio from the mic on my wired Trust Gaming GTX Headset.

    Audio goes to the headphones correctly.
    The mic works when the headset is plugged into my phone.
    I have tried the headset with two different controllers - the same happens, the Xbox detects the headset and the icon changes onscreen. I can hear audio coming in (including party chat) but audio is not picked up.
    I have tried different apps including Skype - Echo Call and it doesnt work.
    I have tried different accounts - same results.
    I have checked the audio settings - the mic is turned on. Mic is set to be available to all apps.
    I have checked the firmware on both controllers is up todate.
    I have done a hard reset of the Xbox.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated