Xbox 360 Microsoft Makes Special Consoles for Xbox Live 10th Anniversary


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Jun 24, 2012
How sweet would it be to get one of these for free from Microsoft. I'm kind of upset I will not be getting one of these, because I have only been a member of Live for 8 years. I'll get over it thoug
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Read full article here from IGN- Direct Link
A Microsoft spokesperson explained to IGN that “we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Xbox Live by conducting special promotions for our members worldwide and today we began to surprise a select number of our loyal 10 year Xbox Live members in the U.S. with special edition anniversary consoles.

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its all a waste of money Lol, just like the halo 4 console and the gears of war console... its paint in my opinion and it would never be seen in my house, I have my xbox on a shelf on my tv stand, theres no point paying money for something like that unless its your first xbox and its the same price as a regular one(which it prob isnt)

EDIT: after I posted I seen the link to the article Lol, didn't realize it was for a giveaway
Yeah, I was going to say...If Microsoft wants to give me a new Xbox, I'll take it! lol My disc drive is starting to act funny anyways...Takes me about 10m to eject a game. I think I might be hitting up a Black Friday deal for a new one...