Xbox 360 Minecraft Masterpieces


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Nov 12, 2012
Which of your Minecraft masterpieces are you most proud of? Personally, I have been working on an underground village for quite some time. It's been tricky trying to mine underground "living quarters" for all my imaginary townsmen without knocking walls down between the quarters. I've probably been working on it off and on for a month now.
I haven't played minecraft in ages but I haven't done much 'Masterpieces'. I've done some pixel art and a huge mansion but other then that, nothing. I've lost nearly all imagination on what to build, i'm more happy of a building on the outside then the inside. What the hell am I supposed to put in the inside of the building? I really don't know...
I'm making a big vertical mine that is 15x15 and hope to reach bottom. I'm using everything I mine to build a giant pyramid nearby. Is there a way to take any screenshots on the Xbox version?
I made a beautiful lighthouse once -- it was a proud moment. Not for my head though, it hurt like hell after ten hours of online mining :D

I've never really made anything 'masterpiecey' like those things they post on YouTube -- space stations, underwater houses...that sort of thing I never have time for. I wish I did.