Xbox 360 Modded Hacked And Infected Lobbies

Morpheus Psyche

New Member
Apr 25, 2012
I think I may have found a solution that keeps the gaming community happy and the corporations happy.

Well lately I have been playing a lot of MW2, yes I know its 3 years old but I was playing super mario on the SNES today, needless to say I don't think because a game is old its "unplayable" well the modded and hacked lobbies I have been joining are all public. Why not just have an option when you pick your game mode "Modded game types" created by the community for the community?
I agree with you; just because a game is old doesn't mean it's unplayable. In fact, I prefer to play MW2 and Black Ops over MW3 any day of the week. I don't care that MW3 is the newest game in the series; I just haven't been impressed with it. Anyways, I also agree with you about having something separate for those people who LIKE to mod their controllers/consoles, hack the game, etc., etc. Personally, I think it's cheating and I can't stand it, but maybe if all the "modders" and hackers had their own room(s), they'd stay out of all the rest of them, so that those of us that don't like to cheat could play with other honest players!
I wish there was a way to create a separation like that and really ensure that hackers and modders don't get into the no-cheating-allowed rooms. I wish they logged IP addresses and banned cheaters based on that instead of suspending them based on their gamer tag. All they do is turn around and create a new gamer tag!!