Xbox 360 mods


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Nov 14, 2011
Has anyone here modded out their console yet? A buddy of mine did this when he was stationed on a ship (US Navy) to keep him entertained until he could get back to the shores and actually play. It came out a little beefier than the original with a ton of lights and flash. I am not into it myself but I hear some have it as a hobby.
My cousin modded his Xbox 360 (this month, I think...) by following step by step instructions from online tutorials. I'm thinking about doing it myself, but - although it seems pretty simple - I've been busy with college, and I haven't had the time to carefully learn all the details yet. I don't know if I should mod it or not. Has anyone around here modded their console?
I've never heard of modding the console, only modding the controllers - which I wish couldn't even be done! The hubby and I both play Call of Duty online and we can't stand playing with people who have modded their controllers! It's cheating, for god's sake! If you're not good enough to hang, go practice offline until you are!! (This is a daily rant in our house, between his playing and mine, lol.)
Has anyone here modded out their console yet?

What's the point of modding the console? I've heard of modding the controller to get a leg up playing shooter games, but what benefit do you get out of modding the console itself?