Xbox 360 Motion Explosion


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Sep 22, 2011
Motion Explosion looks like one of those games where you can get exercise without feeling like you're exercising. That's definitely right up my alley because I am practically allergic to the words "exercise video." Has anyone played this game?
Yes I've played it, and I don't recommend it. It rates up there with one of the worst Kinect games I've played. It's basically the same couple of mini-games rehashed into 12 games. A few of them are okay (like Balance Beam and Star Hop) , but in general, the frustration from the poor tracking is not worth a purchase.
Wow, seriously? I was going to buy it too. I'm glad I read your review. The name to me sounds fun and energetic. Usually we rent games before we buy them, but I was not planning on renting this one. I'm going to go to and read other reviews now too.