Moving your Xbox Live Account to a New Region

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    Microsoft has finally made moving your Xbox Live account to a new region possible! First off, here are the important factors:

    • You can only move your Xbox Live account to an existing, covered region. That means that if you decide to become one of Santa's Helpers at the North Pole,youmay have to leave you Xbox Live account at your parents house in the US.
    • You can only move your Xbox Live account between regions once every 3 months. If you're moving regions more often than that, well, then you can probably afford to buy a secondary Xbox :)

    What will be moved with you, along with your profile:

    • All of the time left on your Gold Membership will move with you. If you have your Gold Membership paid for through 2014, don't worry-You won't lose it!
    • You keep all of your Microsoft Points as well.
    • The rest of your profile that you've worked so hard to get....i.e. Your gamerscore, unlocked achievements, avatar items, friends list, etc.

    Not everything may be available in your new region, but on the flip side, some new things may be available!

    • Various services may or may not be available. An example of this is The Xfinity app. Whereas Xfinity is available in the US, overseas, it may not be if Xfinity/Comcast is not available there. You can check out the website for a specific region to see what services are available for each region. Click on the region that you'd like to see at the bottom of any page.
    • If you have any subscriptions through Xbox Music, those subscriptions WILL NOT transfer and will automatically be cancelled when you move. There are no refunds on any time remaining, so I'd recommend cancelling your subscription a little bit ahead of time so that the remainder of your subscription gets used before you move.
    • Download any content that you've purchased, such as music, movies or TV shows. Depending on where you move to, some of that content may be blocked due to restrictions or legalities.
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    Wow, I had no idea you couldn't move your account before. I knew that they wouldn't allow you to move characters on some games from one account to another but not that they watched where you access the account from too. It's you account, ya know?

    Still, I suppose this is partial good news. Moving, to me, would mean shutting off my account and no starting over because who wants to keep doing that.