Xbox 360 My favorite game


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Oct 7, 2012
I spent 100+ hours in Washington, scouring the landscape for ammo, super mutants, and adventure. The missions were fine, but I enjoyed just wandering around, getting into trouble. Hacking computers, then picking the lock on the door just because I could. I'm sure I was the richest man out there, Allistair Tenpenny be damned. I collected garden gnomes, and stashed them all over my house in Megaton.

Did you collect anything amusing? How did you play? I was a sniping, lock picking repairer. Almost everything I had was pristine after I got through with it.
Hey, I hate to liven a dead thread, but I really like this idea.

I typically collected teddy bears. I don't know why, it just seemed like a pretty appealing thing to collect. I also collected corpses, ya know like mutilated legs and arms. As far as perks go, I never did sneak and I never did unarmed. My favorite perks were guns, science and medicine.
Pretty cool idea. As for myself I believe just traveled the land and offed every single ghoul I ran across. I always wore power armor no matter what and carried a shot gun as my weapon of choice. If I wasn't using a shot gun I used the Lincoln Repeater, just because it looked so cool.

I also spend several hours playing Fallout 3, probably about 150 altogether. I played all the DLC packs except the alien one. My 2nd favorite RPG of all time behind Tales of Symphonia.