My IP address was DDoS by a hacker

Discussion in 'Xbox Live' started by Paul Nagasawa, Apr 17, 2019.

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    Apr 17, 2019
    I was casually playing 2k19 with some people, we lost a game then I was invited to a party by somebody named Strxight Cxsh, I decided to join because I was curious on what he wanted. He started cursing at me calling me trash at the game and said “I’m going to fry your router now kid.” I immediately left, seconds later I wasn't able to access online features. My internet was resorted within minutes and then he sends me a message saying “cali” (which is the state I live in, then I was removed offline AGAIN, he then provokes me by stopping the DDoS attack by saying “I can do this for 3mins to 3 hours ” I tell him to join my party so I can tell him he is a sore loser but he messages me back “Bye bye” followed with various laughing emojis then boom i’m offline AGAIN. I’m currently using my phones hotspot to play but he won’t stop and I have school work for my college classes that I need to do (currently on spring break) can anybody help me? Please and thank you.

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