NBA Jam: On Fire Edition



Has anyone else here played the Xbox Live Arcade game, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition? We played a trial version of it this past weekend and then ended up buying it because it was on sale for 800 Microsoft Points instead of 1200 MP. My husband loved the NBA Jam games when he was a kid, so he got a lot of enjoyment out of the Arcade game over the weekend. I don't normally care for sports-related video games, but even I like it - especially when you turn on the "Bighead" option!!
I haven't played the arcade game yet, but I have played NBA Jam games before. I liked the ones I played, which were either on PS1 or PS2 - I can't remember which. I'm not huge into the sports video games, but the NBA Jam games are pretty cool, because you can play two on two and it's not as "busy" as having say, two full teams of football players on the screen to deal with.
I've played the On Fire Edition and it's pretty cool. The graphics are WAY better than the older NBA Jam games (obviously) so it's nice to see an updated version of the game. I've only played it once since I bought it, but I liked it.
I played the trial version of the game when it was on sale and being advertised on the home screen. I wasn't really impressed by it, but to be fair, I've never really cared for basketball video games.
This game is only worth buying if you played the original and are nostalgic about it. Otherwise you probably won't be as excited to play it. For me, it brings back great memories of my childhood.