Need for Speed


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Aug 7, 2012
I'm a big fan of the Need for Speed series and I've played almost all the games, especially Most Wanted, which is my favorite. Anyone around here who shares the same passion? :D
Underground 2 is my favorite. Most Wanted is my second favorite. Back then, NFS was wildly popular and people actually bought the games because they did a good job making them.
Yes! Need for Speed is so great, I even bought myself a steering wheel especially for this game. The gaming experience is just awesome, I love it.
Yeah, Underground 2 was definitely my favorite of the series, Undercover was...okay. My main issue though is it stemmed a lot of kids to get their parents to get them stock Honda's and they think stickers make you go fast =I Pretty sure Fast And Furious was also a contributing factor to that though.
I've on the other hand been very unlucky with Need for Speed. I've installed almost all the releases but can't just win in this game. I get frustrated to the extent that I've removed it from my PC. How do you people enjoy this game or what I'm I missing anyway?