Xbox 360 New and Exciting Kinect Games


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Mar 15, 2012
Does anyone know anything about upcoming games for the Kinect? I was wondering if anything new and exciting was coming out or has the Kinect become stale? I really love playing the Kinect, but I really need more games.
It seems like a lot of the new Kinect games are geared towards kids. Rise of Nighmares sounds like it might be interesting, but you never know when it comes to the Kinect.
I agree with Miss Toadstool. Most of the games seem to be more geared towards kids & teens, which I have no issues with. They can be really fun. I really enjoy the strategy type games, so Kinect is perfect for me.
I think I might try out Star Wars Kinect. I was just hoping for some super awesome game, but I am not coming across much, yet. The people behind Kinect games, needs to get the ball rolling with some adult geared games.
Star Wars Kinect? That is awesome! Will definitely have to give that one a go. I wouldn't mind a Zumba or work out type of Kinect game either.
Yeah uh...I dont really think much of the kinect games, the tracking is horrible! But is the first of its kind really so give it time.