New screen


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Jul 8, 2012
I need to buy a new monitor for my PC which would double up as a screen for my consoles too. A monitor with 2 HDMI ports would be perfect for this, but so far, my search was fruitless. Can anybody suggest a good model which would be perfect for what I need?
I have yet to tinker around with this myself. What type of monitor do you have for the first one right now? I need to replace my main screen and also at some point my backup computers monitor.
Derek - Check with Amazon's website! I just ran a Google search for "PC monitor with 2 HDMI ports" and found a Viewsonic brand 24" LED monitor on Amazon's website that has 2 HMDI ports. I don't know what your budget is, but this specific monitor costs about $200 dollars.
Viewsonic is not bad and its what I might end up replacing mine with, or I should say the painters who ruined it. Still boots up but has paint all over it and a dead pixel now. That price is not bad either compared to buying brand new.
I know a while ago Sony I think had some good deals but that was around March for a spring deal going on. I am not sure if they are still best on the market right now but a friend has only ran Sony for years and swears by it. The only thing I have that is Sony are my speakers in the theater room.