New Xbox Dashboard Coming Soon


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Nov 18, 2011
I thought I would share some info, I read online this morning. I am pretty excited about the tweaks to the Kinect's voice recognition, because right now, my Kinect voice recognition is less than stellar. What do you think about the new dashboard?

"Microsoft announced overnight that the new Xbox 360 dashboard is set to launch on December 6.
The new dashboard, which some gamers are currently beta testing, will introduce a new user interface similar to Microsoft's Windows 7 phone, YouTube and Bing support, content from BBC, Channel 4, Love Film, and HBO, among others. Plenty to keep you entertained.
The latest update will also include some tweaks to Kinect's voice recognition along with deeply integrated Facebook support and the long-awaited cloud storage functionality.
Microsoft has said the upcoming dashboard overhaul has been built with the philosophy "All the entertainment you want, with the people you care about, made easy..."

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So they are making it similar to the Windows Phone 7 interface? That's pretty interesting. I haven't tested this mobile operating system yet, but I've checked out the reviews online and I was impressed. I'm also enthusiastic to see the how they plan to perfect the Kinect voice recognition feature... I hope to see some major improvements...