Next Wave of indie Games


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Mar 19, 2012
I got an issue of Gameinformer in the mail earlier this week, but just now got a chance to scan it. There is this article in there all about Indie games and there are quite a few I must scour the internet for. The one that stands out the most is called Closure and it is made by Eyebrow interactive. The game is for Ps3, Mac and I will be hunting for it on the PC. The game is in black and white and looks crazy. The black and white graphics tie into game play, because snuffing out the light in areas cause the object to no longer exist, which allows you to walk through them. It is hard to explain so you will probably have to Google the game to see what I am talking about. Anyone heard of this game or read the Indie article?
I don't get any magazines in the mail, so I have yet to hear about this. I will have to do a quick Google search and see what I can dig up in terms of the game "Closure".
Closure sounds like a pretty interesting game. Can you pick up GameInformer inside Games top, or do you only get it in the mail? I use to get them, but I have not received one in a while.