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Jun 24, 2012
The D
Below you can find the reviews for NHL 13. This year, EA Canada introduces a few new aspects to the game, one of which is GM Connected mode.It's essentially GM mode, but available online for the first time, and can accommodate up to 750 players per league. Yeah. I said 750 REAL players. I don't even think I know that many people...

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8 out of 10 - Gamespot
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Hockey fans don't seem to be in for a very good year, with the NHL set to go on hiatus for what could be a very long time. NHL 13 will help fans deal with the absence of the real thing, although the game isn't any sort of generational leap over its predecessor. Sharp new skating physics and the advanced AI make this a different, more realistic game, but there are just enough aggravations here to take some of the shine off these otherwise impressive adjustments. The lack of any significant new features and the rather trivial additions to the old ones are another annoyance.
8.5 out of 10 - IGN
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For a full-price title, gamers get so much more than mere roster and tuner updates (which come for free and with regularity, by the way). You also get robust online and offline modes that could potentially keep you busy for hundreds of hours.
8 out of 10 - Game Informer
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Like its namesake league, NHL 13’s stellar on-ice product is compromised by the questionable decisions of the men at the top. I’ve never had more fun competing between whistles, but once you skate off the ice and take a seat as the general manager, the poor AI driving the other teams breaks the fantasy.
8 out of 10 - Official Xbox Magazine
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With Madden receiving a reboot, and FIFA and NBA 2K pushing forward, it feels like the once cutting-edge NHL is getting left behind. Momentum and GM Connected will keep the faithful happy for another year, but we sense that the best is yet to come.
8 out of 10 - EGM
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The actual gameplay is leaps and bounds ahead of NHL 13’s predecessors, but the GM AI has taken a couple steps backward in noticeable—and discouraging—ways.
4 out of 5 - G4 TV
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Even an uncertain 2012-2013 hockey season cannot put the breaks on EA Sports's latest entry in the NHL game series. If hockey fans do end up with a lot of time on their hands, EA picked the right year to come out with an NHL title worthy of longer than normal play sessions and deeper general manager simulations. Better yet, skating on ice has never felt more natural.
Game was a definite step back in my eyes. I don't like how all the big hits are absolutely gone. NHL 12 was a high contact game that included big hits and now all they do is nudge a player and most of the time they don't even nudge them off the puck, the offensive player is easily able to retain the puck. Also, the scoring in this game has become next to impossible. All of the goalies in the game play like Lundvqist and it gets extremely frustrating, extremely fast. NHL 12 is my all time favorite game and I hope NHL 14 gets back to the franchises roots.