Nintendo DS Models


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Jan 20, 2012
My husband has been asking for a Nintendo DS for a while now because he has some downtime at work (the poor guy!) that he would like to fill with something other than reading. So I'm thinking about getting one for him as an anniversary or birthday present, but I don't really know which one I should get, as there are currently several different models. Can someone tell me a little bit about each one, or at least about the one that you have, and if you would recommend it, or if you wish you had bought a different model instead? Thanks!
He'd probably appreciate the latest one, which is the Nintendo 3DS. I have owned prior versions, but they really do keep improving with each new release, so I think it's best to go with what's most current. In the rare case that he doesn't like the 3D effects, your hubby can switch that feature off. It's also backwards-compatible with all regular DS games.
We stayed away from the 3DS and ended up getting the DSi XL instead, plus it was a great deal that we could really not pass up. Do you have any idea what types of games he would be interested in? You might be able to get a deal bundle.
Thanks for the advice. I didn't know that you could turn the 3D effect off where the 3DS is concerned, and with it being backwards compatible with all the regular DS games, that's definitely an option I'll look into. Allyson, what made you choose the DSi XL? What distinguishes it from the 3DS? As far as what games he would like are concerned, he likes all the traditional Nintendo characters, like Mario for example, and he loves RPGs, shooters, action/adventure games... pretty much anything and everything, lol. He's a hardcore, die-hard gamer! (For better or worse, lol.)