Nintendo has a Spokesdog?

Miss Toadstool

New Member
Mar 19, 2012
I heard that Nintendo has a spokesperson now, that is a dog named Uggie. What ever happened to the "Wii would like to play" guys? I do not know much about Uggie and I wonder if he is going to stick around for a while or if he is just there to promote a game.
That wouldn't be my first choice if I was them, I would choose something more popular such as a character from one of their games.
Hopefully the dog is just a sad attempt at promoting a new game. A dog really does not make sense. I liked those Japanese guys, they were creepers popping up everywhere. It was kind of funny.
I still like Nintendo, even if they suck. I can not help it. I think I have grown attached to Nintendo, since it was the system I grew up with. Plus, Nintendo has Zelda games. I have to have my Zelda games.
I like Nintendo too, I think because it was my childhood system too. What kind of dog is Nintendo using as the spokesperson? Is it a person in a dog suit, a cartoon, or a real dog. It would be funny if they used a real dog and made it talk like the Taco Bell dog.