Old Republic - dun dun dun


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Nov 10, 2011
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What a way to end my day at work yesterday. I was leaving the building and my phone beeped to show this awesome email coming from the SWTOR site. A friend of mine said he received his about a month ago, I guess its going by guild name maybe? Not sure but still quite excited to see it.
I am about to explode with jealousy. I cannot wait for this game to come out! I'm just sad that we can't play as Jawas in it. A Jawa Jedi would be awesome.
I was thinking about playing Star Wars the Old Republic, but I never got around to ordering it. Do I still have time to order, since the game launch is in December? By the way, have fun when you test SWTOR!
It seems to be big all over the place, I have a cousin who is also bouncing off the walls. I am not a huge fan but I did watch the movies. I guess you need to be a hard gamer or movie buff of Lucas if you want this game for the holidays.
I just wish we had more variety of races to play when it comes out. Pretty much all of them look like human recolors. No interesting Ewoks or Twileks or Jawas or Cathar.
You should be fine to order, I pre-ordered quite sometime ago. If the rumors are true I will be spending Thanksgiving weekend doing nothing but playing some SW. I can not think of a better way to spend it either, forget Black Friday shopping I will be busy. :)
Slightly off-topic, but can you imagine doing the whole Black Friday thing with Jedi powers? "This TV is mine. You do not want it. *Jedi hand wave*"
That would be amazing and as much as I hate to do it, this year I am heading out to fight the crowds. I actually have to shop during the beta release weekend, its totally not fair but I have kids lass, I must go.