Xbox 360 old xbox hard drives


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Sep 22, 2011
Did you know that you can use an Xbox hard drive in a PC? You have to unlock it first, though, and I'm not sure what that involves. I think you also have to use a configuration program. But this might be one way to upgrade a spare computer if you're updating your Xbox drive.
Wow, can you really? I wonder how fast it'd be doing computer things rather than gaming. But yeah, what a great way to make use of an old Xbox harddrive!
It should work just as it would if it had been originally installed and made for a computer. In fact, who knows if some of the hard drives in Xboxes were actually manufactured for computers. I'm definitely no hardware expert, but maybe some hard drives are sort of a one size fits all.
Well, I suppose it is logical, considering that the Xbox is a Microsoft product. Hard drives for Xbox consoles must be very similar with computer hard drives. Thanks for the tip. I was actually thinking of updating my Xbox drive next month...