Xbox 360 Online or offline gaming ?


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Aug 2, 2012
Do you prefer to play offline , by yourself (or with your friends at home) or do you like to go live and start playing with whoever comes online? I prefer the offline version of gaming myself but what about you guys ?
I also prefer offline gaming, I have more fun with my friends than with strangers. Also, sometimes when I go live there are a lot of kids out there who behave kinda badly and I kind of got sick of it.
Both have their advantages. There are some games like Call of Duty which are way more awesome when played online. And on the other part, some games are meant to be played offline.
For the most part, I prefer to play games offline. Aside from Call of Duty, I really don't have any games geared towards online play. (Well, they have online play, but it's just not as fun!)
I like both. Like Iplaygames said, each has its own advantages. I always like to play offline because every game has an offline mode, but it's also fun to play online because you can compete against others.